For the parents who can barely afford to bring food to the table, the government’s nine-year education program introduced in 1993/1994 is perceived to be just another financial burden. It is already a struggle to make a living, let alone considering education as a necessity. To date, there is still a serious lack of awareness amongst the community that the nine-year education program is obligatory and free of charge. Sekolah Kami, alongside many other (social) organizations, attempts to provide solutions to these issues through our proactive approach. At Sekolah Kami, we provide:


Sekolah Kami provides classes for foundation skills in reading, writing, math, Bahasa, English, and social science. Children can then take the state examinations (Paket A, B, C) equivalent to formal school assessments. After completing middle school around the age of 15, we encourage our children to go to a vocational study center to learn a specific skill or subject of their interest such as sewing, hair and beauty, mechanics, etc. The certificate and skills they gain from this process will help them in applying for internships, as they are still underage for formal employment.


We invest heavily in developing the practical skills of our children. We aim not only to develop their sense of creativity, but also their entrepreneurial spirit. Our students learn to make products from recycled goods, which they sell to financially support their education. Here we also provide students with musical training. Our angklung orchestra is available for concerts by request. Through our initiatives, we wish to provide sustainable care for our students.


Behavioural skills can be further refined through training and practice. At Sekolah Kami, our education system is designed such that kids actually enjoy going to school while being instilled with a sense of responsibility, respect, and manners.

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