Get inspired by visiting Sekolah Kami and spending some time with our children and the community. Any type of personal or group involvement is greatly appreciated, whether it be on- or off-site. For instance, you could:​

  • Share some information about jobs in your field to help create awareness of the wide range of possibilities outside the children's community

  • Teach English or any subjects of your interest. You can do this on a one-time or  regular basis

  • Sponsor the older children to do an internship at your business

  • Buy products made by the children

  • Invite the children to conduct angklung performances at your events



We also welcome any financial donations. All proceeds will be used to:

  • Provide meals during school hours

  • Pay teachers’ salary

  • Contribute to miscellaneous school expenditures such as school supplies, electricity, transportation, etc.

  • Fund post-graduate education at vocational schools

  • Fund other activities, such as study trips