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Every year, thousands of Indonesian children are born doomed to spend their lifetimes collecting empty plastic cups on the street. Sekolah Kami believes that EDUCATION holds the key to breaking this pattern.

Sekolah Kami, or “Our School”, is an informal study group for scavengers and underprivileged children situated on the outskirts of Jakarta. It is our belief that education refers not only to teaching these children about what is needed to change their lives, but also to inspiring the realization that there can be more to life than the circumstances they have been born and raised into. We hope that this school can provide a space for curious and ambitious young minds to blossom and reveal their potential, to have a childhood every child deserves. The name "Our School" emphasizes an important part of the educational model we use - one in which we teach and help each other through knowledge sharing and developing valuable social skills.

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